Custom Cams

Custom Cams available at CRV Lancaster Inc.

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Even in today’s high-tech world, a cam remains one of the most economical methods of precise motion control. Properly designed, a custom cam will provide.

Exactly the motion required with no deviation, no accumulation of error,
less maintenance and longer life than it’s electronic or pneumatic counterparts.

Our vast experience assures you of the high quality, timely delivery, and reasonable pricing that make CRV Lancaster the benchmark in cam and indexer manufacturing.

A traditional family business, we take pride in providing personal service,
interest in you and your company and turning your manufacturing problems into productive solutions.

Good cam design begins at CRV Lancaster starting with an evaluation of the initial problem facing the customer.

Investigation: We investigate the best physical type of cam to fit your application: Plate cam, box, barrel, ribbed barrel, index, end, or linear… all within our capability.

Attention to Details: Special attention is given to the geometry, which will provide the smoothest acceleration and/or perform the functions required. Whether it’s a simple harmonic curve for easy displacement, modified sine for high-speed operation, special polynomial curve to impart a motion for a performance of a special duty or…. the curve is computer generated for accuracy and definition.

Application information: such as stroke and duration, speed and load are input to obtain computed outputs for many physical characteristics and kinematic and dynamic properties. These outputs, including displacement, velocity, acceleration, the radius of curvature, pressure angle, etc., aid in choosing the material, cam follower size, tolerances, heat treating and other vital characteristics of the cam.

Communication: Based on our analysis & client’s needs, we recommend the best possible solution for our client.