Parallel Indexer

Parallel indexers are ideal for high speed and actuation-type applications, such as driving a linkage or in-line conveying systems.
Parallel indexer 1

Parallel Indexers Feature:

  • Modified Sine acceleration & deceleration
  • Heavy Duty pre-loaded cam followers
  • 1 to 8 stations and oscillating motions available
  • Hardened and ground tool steel cams
  • Non-reversing cam followers
  • Flanged shaft or hollow output available
  • Mounting possible on all 6 sides
  • Operation in any position
  • Reducers and motors available
  • Special, flash chrome or nickel plated input & output available


  • Smooth motion
  • Extremely accurate positioning
  • High-speed capability
  • Mounting choices
  • Multi-position operation

Parallel Indexers available at CRV Lancaster Inc. have

  • Fixed center distances
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • With as few as 1 station possible
  • Special motions including sections of constant velocity for matching conveyor speeds
  • Parallel units are also available as oscillators with up to 45° stroke.