Miniature Indexers

miniature indexMiniature Roller-Ball indexing drives give precise intermittent motion in applications such as special machinery and automation equipment.

Miniature Indexers Feature:

  • Modified Sine acceleration & deceleration
  • miniature index 2Preloaded, hardened & ground balls are positively locked on cam surface
  • Wide selection of station and motion combinations available including oscillators
  • High indexing speeds
  • Compact housing
  • Operational in any position
  • RB40 indexer available with shaft or tapped flange output
  • Drive packages include Gearmotor, limit switch & control


  • Smooth motion
  • miniature index 3Accurate positioning
  • High-speed capability
  • Mounting choices
  • Multi-position operationMiniature Indexers available at CRV Lancaster Inc.
    CRV Lancaster Miniature Indexers

Available in 2 styles up to 16 stations are standard, more are available

Special motions, including sections of constant velocity, are also available
Roller Ball units are also available as oscillators