Dials are ideally suited for various types of rotary dial applications, such as Assembly, Filling, Packaging and Test Equipment.

Dial Features:

  • dialModified Sine acceleration & deceleration
  • Heavy Duty pre-loaded cam followers
  • Wide selection of station and motion combinations available
  • Hardened and ground tool steel barrel cams
  • Rugged, Compact housing
  • Large capacity turntable bearing available center thru-hole
  • Integral Cone Drive reducers on models “M” & “L”
  • #20 worm gear reducer optional on model “S” indexerDrive packages include reducer, motor, limit switch & control
    optional equipment such as dial plates, pedestal bases & overload clutches

    Dials available at CRV Lancaster Inc.


  • dial 2Smooth motion
  • Extremely accurate positioning
  • High-speed capability
  • Mounting choices
  • Multi-position operationDials available at CRV Lancaster Inc.

    CRV Lancaster Dial Indexers available in 3 sizes up to 12 stations are standard, more are available

We welcome special applications! Non-standard motions, additional or odd numbers of stations, oscillators, and constant velocity cams for use in servo applications can be custom made to your specifications.